Harry Winston

Harry Winston is one of the world’s leading jewelers, known by many names, including “the finest synonyms,” “King of diamonds,” and “star jewelers.” Founder Harry Winston, who had a natural talent for gem identification from an early age, saw a quarter stone sold at a pawn shop in town at the age of 12 as a two-carat emerald, and two days later 800. There is an anecdote that it was sold in dollars.
When he founded Harry Winston, who bears his name in 1932, he used his talents to collect high-quality gems from all over the world. Harry is one-third of the historically renowned diamonds, including the deep blue Hope, the Taylor Burton on Elizabeth Taylor’s chest, and the 726-carat Yonker, as historic gems.・ It is said that Winston handled it. Also known as the “Jeweler of the Stars,” Jennifer Jones, who won the Best Actress Award at the 1944 Academy Awards ceremony, has been closely associated with the red carpet for over 70 years. Wearing the jewelery was so iconic that it gave the star the sophistication and self-confidence that it was whispered as a shortcut to winning the Oscar.
Without “Harry Winston,” diamonds might not have been a gem that attracted women so far. The feat he left behind was tremendous enough to make him feel that way, and now choosing Harry Winston is itself a women’s status.